Roster Validation

The 2025 and 2026 National Championship is trying to ensure we don’t have "super" teams or all-star teams made exclusively for this championship event. All teams must be in the 2025/2026 class respectively and a team that competes year round.

In order to be considered for this Championship the club director must do the following.

  • Submit a complete roster by Jan 15, 2021. Roster must include players number, full name, school, and birthdate.
  • Provide a copy of the players report card from the 2020 fall school year.
  • Provide proof of your spring league (you will need their records for seeding purposes).
  • Provide a list of all fall 2020/summer 2019 tournaments
  • Pay tournament non refundable deposit $1,000

Selection Process

Only teams competing in AA leagues and similar-level tournaments will be considered.

The selection criteria will be based off of the following elements:

  • Spring league to date (if applicable)
  • Spring & Fall tournament success
  • Head to head wins & losses
  • 2020 Summer tournament record

Selection Committee

Our selection committee will be the determining factor on the 20 teams that enter this Championship. The selection committee members are esteemed members of the lacrosse committee and were chosen based on their resume and a few important criteria in regard to the 2025 and 2026 grad classes.

Tim McGeeney

Loyola Greyhounds Hall of Fame

Committee Requirements

  • Committee members do not have a player in the 2025/2026 age group.
  • Committee member cannot be a coach of a 2025 or 2026 team.
  • Additionally, if you’re a bubble team you can reach out to your regional committee member and ask that they come watch you play on X or Y date.